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Growing your real estate business is easier than ever when you partner with LendCity Mortgages. Most lenders just process mortgages, which does have its benefits for you and your commissions. But, we wanted to offer more to help you grow.

Step One - Work with us!

LendCity Mortgages is subsidizing advertising and marketing for Realtors® who work closely with us, locally and in all of Canada.

Grow quickly while saving money and working with a top Canadian lending team.

With our marketing expertise, we can help provide you with guidance and suggestions based on your current marketing strategies and show you how to improve your search engine optimization easily and cheaply.

Step Two - Social Media Marketing from experts

Setting up a social media page and regularly posting content is time-consuming. You just want to sell real estate and not have to worry about graphic design, editing videos and making sure your content is engaging and creating new business for you.

We have social media experts on staff that help our real estate agents grow.

With social media, you must connect deeply with your audience with personal videos, images, and stories about your life. If all you do is try to sell, people will ignore you. Our Social Media Marketing is designed to help your viewers connect with you on a deep level.

Step Three - Automatic Lead Generation System

Tired of cold calling?

We were too which is why we've designed a Lead Generation system that creates warm leads for Realtors® on Autopilot. The best part is the system is free.

The way it works is simple, for every $100k of mortgages funded we direct advertising dollars into an online viral giveaway. Once we hit around $700 in total built up, we then launch a campaign for you. The Campaign would be for a $500 gift card giveaway. The gift card is only from a retailer that homeowners would use, to ensure we're targeting the right people. We direct $200 towards and online ad to generate sign-ups, and then we give users the ability to share, tag and like your contest for more chances to win, creating a fire hot marketing system. Once the giveaway is done, we share all the contacts with you for your marketing purposes.

Instead of getting a free BBQ or short trip from your current lender, wouldn’t you agree that making a few extra sales this year would be more beneficial? You could then use the additional income to go on an amazing trip, and buy five BBQ’s if you wanted.

Lastly, the way we set up the campaigns you are never liable for the tax on the prices or giveaways. You’ll only pay tax on all those extra ends you will have!

Set up a call with Scott, the owner of LendCity to get more information and get started.

Step Four - Participate in Events

LendCity Mortgages is regularily hosting events.

Come join our events and be in front of fresh blood, or set up your own event, in one of our rooms, Either way, you will have full access to our event planners who organize everything

All you have to do is show up.

Step Five - Trust knowing your working with an experienced Lender

Feel good knowing your clients are in good hands with an experienced lender. We believe that we can offer your clients more, under one roof, than any lender in Canada. That is a bold statement!


We have staff that LOVE holding new buyers hands along the way. We have access to some of the best rates in Canada, and combined with our online application system gets clients an incredibly fast response time to their pre-approval.


We have systems in place for sellers to minimize mortgage penalties and insurer fees. As we work with many lenders it will be easy for your client to port their mortgage.


LendCity's owner also owns the Canadian Real Estate Network - A training portal for Real Estate Investors. Who better to help your investors than us? We have also created an investor roadmap and offer investors the ability to purchase unlimited rental properties.


LendCity invests in commercial properties and works with multiple clients who buy commercial properties from malls, retail stores, multi-family apartment buildings to gas stations. We understand your complex applications. We have access to commercial lenders, asset-based lenders, factoring, inventory financing, short term loans and have access to raise capital.

Ready to grow?

Contact LendCity Mortgages today!

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